2021 - A New Year, New Focus

2021 - A New Year, New Focus

I think we can all be in agreement that 2020 was AWFUL! I tried for as long as I could to keep business up and running but covid came in like a wrecking ball and changed everything. We weren't able to do shows, I was furloughed for a brief period of time and it didn't really matter anyway because no one was buying clothes unless it was pajamas. Haha! So business had to shut down.

Here we are with a full month of 2021 under our belt and people are adapting to all the changes that have had to be made to get life back to a semi-normal pace. It literally broke my heart to put everything on hold so I am beyond excited to be able to come back and do business the best way I know how during these weird times. It will be a slow process but we really do have the best customers in the world so I know that you will stick with us and support us like you've always done. Having a business is full of highs and lows and last year was definitely a low for us but I'm looking forward to 2021 being a high for us. Shows are slowly coming back so I'm hopeful that we will get to see some of you in person real soon. We are slowly adding new merchandise and things may look a little different but we will continue to offer you stylish, affordable clothing in YOUR size.  

Please know that our "door" is always open and we welcome your feedback. If there's something you want to see, let us know! If there's a show you think we should attend, let us know! If you've purchased something and want to send us a pic for our social media, let us know! We do this for you and we want you to be a part of this family.

Thank you for everything and we look forward to hearing from you!

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